Attention! All Vendors/Artisans!

We have been notified by the New York City Department of Parks, that all of our Vendors must submit a Workers Compensation Certificate or a Certificate of Attestation of Exemption form for the 2022 festival. We believe most of you qualify as a small individual food or craft business, which is a Certificate of Attestation of Exemption.

We apologize for this late request. However, this is new to us as well.
Thus, we have been instructed to submit this information without delay.

We have attempted to help make this process as simple as possible for you: Instructions can be found on our website (see below  or via email.

In order to be eligible for this year’s festival: You MUST complete and submit all required government documents along with your registration form as soon as possible.

You may also receive this form via email.

Please feel free to call the IAAFestival office at 718-638-6700 or Dr. Segun Shabaka 917-309-0728.

Asante Sana! (Thank You Very Much!)